1. Payment Questions

  • Do you accept credit card payment? The 3 payment methods that we can accept are PayPal, bank transfer or western union. With PayPal you can use your credit card to make an e-check payment. So it means yes you can pay us by your credit card. Please kindly take a look at this link for more information: https://latinodancewears.com/en/html/id18/How-to-order/
  • What currency do you accept for payment? The prices noted in our website are in USD. However if you make payment by PayPal we can accept all kinds of currency. If you make your payment by bank transfer or Western Union we accept only USD or Euro for payment. Please kindly take a look at this link https://www.xe.com/ for the exchange rate.
  • Do I need to pay extra charge for urgent order? You need to pay extra charge for urgent order. The amount of extra charge will depend on the urgency of the order. Please discuss with us and have our confirmation prior to placing an urgent order.


2. Shipping Questions

  • What delivery service you use to ship the item? We use TNT express delivery service (www.tnt.com) with tracking number and signed for service. Tracking information will be automatically sent to your email address on the day we send out your order. So please keep tracking your email (even your spam email).
  • How long does it takes for delivery? Our normal delivery time is around 3 - 4 weeks. This time will also vary depending on the quantity of your order. But we will put big-quantity-order in our priority so that it won’t take long time to be delivered. Please kindly take a look at our shipping policy at this link: https://latinodancewears.com/en/html/id12/Shipping-Policy/
  • Do you combine shipment? Yes we combine shipment to save on shipping cost for you. Shipping cost for the 1st item is 35$ and only 16$ for each additional item.
  • How soon can you deliver an urgent order? We can deliver an urgent order within 12 days with extra charge. The amount of extra charge will depend on the urgency of the order.


3. Return Questions

  • Do you accept the return? We accept the return for refund in case critical mistakes come from us. If mistakes come from buyer we can make alteration to correct the mistakes for free. Shipping cost is at buyer's charge.
  • How long does it takes for the refund? The refund will be sent to your PayPal account within 10 days AFTER we receive the item you send back to us.


4. Questions On Our Products

  • Why your products are less expensive than the ones we find locally? Our products are made from Vietnam. We profit the less expensive (but very skillful) human resource, less expensive (but same quality) fabric and material from an Asian country. So our products are at more reasonable price than the ones you find locally. We determined our brand as reasonable priced – medium and high quality products.
  • Where do your designs come from? Latino have a team of designers to work on each design. Our designers not only understand about the fashion and the tailor work but also understand about dance experience so that they can design the beautiful, comfortable and most suitable designs for dancing.
  • Do your dresses have built in bras and bodysuit/panties? All our dresses have built in bras and bodysuit/panties, unless buyer require not having them. This is an indispensable part of the costume. Our latin dresses will not have snaps at the panties so you won’t be worried about doing your high kicks.
  • Do you have big bras (cups)? We have very big cups like DD or E or F, so please don’t worry about your big cup requirement.
  • Can you make our own design? Please send us your sketches, pictures or video link. After receiving them we will discuss with you about how you want us to produce your design (the fabric, decoration, color choice, etc.). We will have our professional designers work with you until final product satisfies you.

5. Questions on measurements/sizes

  •        How do I give you my measurements? After receiving your payment we will send an order form to your email box with instruction to take measurements or to note your size, also for other information. You will need to fill in both 2 pages of the form for your measurements/size and requirements or changes (colors, modifications, etc.) of your order. Please note down everything you discuss with us in email into the order form. Otherwise things noted in email will not be counted as your final requirements. Then please send us back the completed order form.
  •         Should I use my previous measurements? If your previous measurements are from more than 6 months you should not use them. Please re-measure and give us your recent measurements.
  •         Should I use measurement form I have from other sellers? No you should not. In fact, each tailor has his/her own way to measure the body so the measurement form you have from other sellers may not work for us. Please use our own form that we send you when we receive your payment.
  •         What can I do if I don’t know how to measure myself? Please don’t worry. We have pictures to show you exactly how you should measure yourself. Please kindly take a look at this link: https://latinodancewears.com/en/html/id31/How-to-take-Correct-Measurements/
  •          Can I order standard size? Yes you can. But please keep in mind that they will not be refunded if they don’t fit. They can only be received back for alteration. Please kindly take a look at our sizing guide to make sure you choose the correct standard size: https://latinodancewears.com/en/html/id16/Sizing-Guide/

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