Step 1: Before ordering, please read carefully our terms and conditions, as well as our instructions of measurements - color - rhinestones.

Step 2:  Choose the item(s) that you want to order.

  • Click on the item(s) you want to order.
  • Go through our pictures and descriptions of the item(s) carefully.
  • Choose the type of rhinestones you want for your item(s) (standard, high quality Chinese, Preciosa, Swarovski or without rhinestones).

  • Click on "Add to Cart" button. Choose the number of item(s) that you want in "Quantity" section. Then please click "Accept".


  • After you accept, our website will ask if you want to go to your cart to pay for your item(s) or if you want to continue your shopping. The selected item(s) will stay in your shopping cart.

Step 3: When you finish your shopping, you can go to your shopping cart for verification.

  • Verify on the number of item(s) at quantity section.

  • Choose the urgent order cases if you want to receive your order under 4 weeks (after we receive your completed order form). There will be extra charges for urgent orders. Standard orders of 4-weeks (or more) delivery don't have extra charge.


  • Note down your coupon codes (if you have one) to apply the discount to your order. Don't forget to click "Apply" button to update the price in your shopping cart.
  • If you want some additional items or changes to your order (for example: adding sleeves, making changes on decoration, etc.) you can fill in "Additional item" section unfilled.


  • After verifying your shopping cart, please read carefully our sale conditions one more time and please click on "I accept all sale conditions of this website when shopping".

  • Please click on "PayPal Check out" button if you don't have account on our website or "Log in check out" button if you have account on our website. By clicking on "PayPal Check out" button you can choose to pay by your paypal account (if you have one) or by your credit card (if you don't have paypal account).
  • Next step, our website will ask if you want to add accessories to your order? If you do, please click on "Yes" button, you can choose accessories and add to your cart. If you don't, please click on "No" button and go to payment step.


Step 4: Payment.

  • A pop up window will appear, please click on "PayPal Checkout" yellow button.

  • You can choose to pay by your paypal account (if you have one) or by your credit card (if you don't have paypal account). Please follow the steps to complete your payment.


Step 5: Submit order.

  • After payment, please fill in information about your order (your name, phone number, email, delivery address,etc.) on our website. If you skip this step, our website will not send automatically information about your order to us. It will not send automatically confirmation about your order as well as order form to you. You will not receive order number in this case and will not be able to check the status of your order on our website. So please make sure you complete this important step.
  • In case somehow you miss the above step, please don't worry we will send order form to you ourselves.

Step 6: Fill in the order form(s).

  • There will be an email sending to your email box with 5 order forms (one for woman single item order, one for men item order, one for woman group order, one for men group order and one for tailsuit order). Please check your email box, even your spam mail.
  • Please download these order forms, fill in the order form that corresponds to your order.
  • Please send back the filled-in order form(s) to our email address by click on reply to the email you received from us, OR writing new email to the email address noted in the order form.

  • After sending back the form to us, your order is completed. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your order form(s). If you don’t receive this confirming email within 48h, please resend the order form(s) to us.
  • After receiving our confirming email you just have to wait for the arrival of your order.

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