Here is our dancewears laundry guide:

NEVER place items in the washer or dryer. Hand washing or launder shop work best.

1. When hand washing use lukewarm water and a very mild soap or shampoo (such as Neutrogena or Dove). Gently work the suds through the unclean places and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. NEVER wring or twist the item as it will lose its original shape.

2. When drying, gently squeeze excess water (again, do not wring or twist). Lay the item out on a clean towel, adjusting it to its original shape, put another towel on top of the item. With the item in the middle, apply pressure to the top towel. Laying the item flat again on another clean dry towel to finish air-drying.

3. It is not suggested to hang your item on a hanger as it will lose its shape. Rather, when the item is completely dry, gently fold and lay flat in a drawer until ready to use.

4. Some items, such as sequined decoration or beaded items, are strongly suggested to dry clean only.

5. Avoid laying items near a heater or in the sunlight to dry as it will shorten the life of the garment and melt the glue of stones and decoration, therefore they will fall off easily.
Thank you.

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