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Product code: VS131.

Colour: Red and Black (please contact me if you want this costume in another colour).
Material: Lycra, Mesh and Pearl chiffon.

Structure: Built in bras and bodysuit/panties. 

Decoration: Rhinestones and Stones. 

Note: This item will be custom made to your measurements and other requests. After receiving your payment we will send order form to your email box with instruction to take measurements or to note your size, also for other information. You will need to fill in both 2 pages of the form for your measurements/size and requirements or changes (colors, modifications, etc.) of your order. And please send the form back to us as soon as possible. Thank you.



Please feel free to ask me any question before making your order.

Quality of rhinestone guide.
Price : 189.99 USD / Item
Product ID : VS131
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