·      While every effort is made to ensure 100% consistency, customers should bear in mind that all our products are 100% hand-made and effectively depending on the availability of stock and therefore small variations may occur from item to item, including type and color of fabric and decoration. Also, please bear in mind items may appear slightly different colors on different computers due to avariation in computer systems and settings.

·      Due to the frequent change of material, sometimes previous fabric and decorationare no longer available. If you would like to make a or some costumes to match with your previous order please contact us before making your order to make sure we will be able to match the costumes for you. We will not guarantee the match if you don't contact us before ordering. Thank you for your comprehension.

·       We keep record of the orders within 18 months only. So please send order forms to complete the orders within 18 months after your payments. After that, your order will be deleted in our system. In case, you come back after 18 months to compelte your order, there will be 20% extra charge for order recovery. Thank you for your comprehension.

Exclusive design policy

·      If you wish to have an exclusive design/costume, we will be happy to create one for you. Since this is one – time – making – costume and for ONLY you, there will be an extra charge. Please discuss with us carefully before ordering your exclusive design/costume.

·      If you send us pictures of an online costume we will not consider this as your own design and we may list this costume we made on our website. Please consider our policy and discuss with us before ordering costume(s) different from our collection.

XXL size/measurements extra charge

·     For the dancers who are in size XXL or bigger, please confirm your size/measurements with us before you make the order to verify how much extra charge on your costumes. Thank you for your help! 

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