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Product code: KTEM17.


- From 1 to 10 pieces: 34.99$/piece. 

- From 11 to 50 pieces: 32.99$/piece. 

- From 51 to 200 pieces: 29.99$/piece. 

- From 200 to 500 pieces: 27.99$/piece. 

- Over 500 pieces: 25.99$/piece

Colour: Black face mask with handmade embroidery decorations (please contact us if you want this item in another colour).

Material and Structure: 

3 layers: 2 cotton outer layers + 1 separate antibacterial inner layer (see the details on our listing pictures).

You can take out the separate antibacterial inner layer, then washing the separate face mask.

- Each face mask included 3 pieces antibacterial for replacement. 

Decoration: Antibacterial face mask with handmade embroidery decorations.

Note: We can customize the decoration on this mask to your own request. Please contact us for more details before making your purchase. 



Please feel free to ask us any question before making your order.

Price : 34.99 USD / Item
Product ID : KTEM17
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